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Aerospaced 4 piece Grinder Sifter

Diferentes tamaños disponibles


4 Piece Aerospaced Grinder / SifterThis 4 piece Aluminum grinder with sifter delivers a consistent and distinctive pattern that is ideal for filtering unwanted material from the end-grind.Available in 5 different colors and 4 sizes. Made in USA.FEATURES4 Piece Grinder / SifterRazor Sharp TeethMagnet..

AirVape X

Precio público sugerido: $4,200


AirVape X is a thin, elegant and mighty portable dry herb vaporizer for on-the-go vaping. This bigger brother to the AirVape Xs has a 25% larger ceramic chamber housed in an even sleeker, pocket-friendly design. Precision temperature (200F to 420F) gives you expert control over your clouds. When vap..

AirVape Xs GO

Precio público sugerido: $1,790


AIRVAPE XS GOAirVape designed the Xs GO to be pocket-friendly and lightweight, while still delivering flavorful dry herb vapor. Weighing in at just 2 ounces, the Xs GO vaporizer houses an 1200mAh battery that can handle a full day of sessions. Its oval-shaped ceramic oven combines conduction and con..

Arizer Air v1

Precio público sugerido: $4,200


The Air is a powerful, efficient, and ultra-compact portable vaporizer, featuring a high quality ceramic heating element, glass stems, and interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries. Offering an hour of use per charge, the ability to use while charging, and the option to have spare batteries fully charge..

Arizer Air v2

Precio público sugerido: $4,490


Limited 2-Year WarrantyArizer Air II features a 50% higher capacity battery and even faster heat up time than its predecessor, the Original Arizer Air Vaporizer. Custom session settings allow you to choose the right temperature based on the type of herb and preferred vapor strength. With an isolated..

Arizer ArGo

Precio público sugerido: $4,990


Arizer Argo Dry Herb VaporizerEngineered with convection heating and built with a ceramic, glass and stainless steel air path, the ArGo delivers optimal vapor; this specific heating protects the integrity and flavor of your dry herb, delivering dense, flavorful vapor. The borosilicate glass mouthpie..

Arizer Extreme Q

Precio público sugerido: $4,200


ARIZER EXTREME QDeveloped by Arizer, the newly re-designed Extreme Q Vaporizer is arguably the most affordable dual-function vaporizer available today. It offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through a balloon bag or whip attachment. Can't decide if you want a whip-st..

Arizer Solo v1

Precio público sugerido: $3,690


The Solo, by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, is a powerful yet exceptionally efficient portable vaporizer. Producing superior vapor quality compared to its competitors, the Solo is a top-choice for on-the-go vaporization.New Passthrough ChargingVape World carries the newest version of the Arizer Solo ..

Arizer Solo v2

Precio público sugerido: $4,990


The return of the king! The legendary Arizer Solo II is back with a faster heat-up time, improved airflow, and up to 20 uses per charge! With more efficient power usage the Arizer Solo II can give you thick milky clouds throughout the day and long into the night. The digital readout ensures you can ..

Arizer V-Tower

Precio público sugerido: $3,200


ARIZER V-TOWERThe Arizer V-Tower may be the most effective “Whip-Style” Vaporizer on the market today. Manufactured in Canada by Arizer, the V-Tower Vaporizer features a digital display that allows the user to precisely control the vaporizing temperature. Although the V-Tower vaporizer does not empl..

Atmos Jump

Precio público mínimo: $1,600


Atmos JumpThe Jump Dry Herb Vape Pen, with its powerful carbon fiber housing, is one of the most durable and compact true vaporizers available. Powered by a 1200mAh battery, the Jump provides powerful performance with every use, while evenly vaporizing dry herbs with its hard anodized heating chambe..

Boundless CF

Precio público sugerido: $2,600


Boundless CF is a portable dry herb and wax vaporizer that produces incredible vapor on-the-go with a lightning fast heat up time, compact and ergonomic design, and efficient hybrid convection/conduction heating system. The Boundless CF vaporizer delivers quick hits that are just as flavorful as the..

Boundless CFC Lite

Precio público sugerido: $2,200


BOUNDLESS CFC LITE VAPORIZERThe Boundless CFC LITE is a compact, dry herb device that features a replaceable battery for an affordable price. Based on the Boundless CFC 2.0, the CFC LITE is equipped with three temperature options to manufacture thick, flavorful vapor. At just under four inches tall,..

Boundless CFV

Precio público sugerido: $3,200


Boundless CFVBy combining and improving some features of their first two vaporizers, the CF and CFX, Boundless Technology has raised the standard for portable vapes with the CFV vaporizer. This unit offers full convection airflow since there is a separation between the heat source and the herb chamb..

Boundless CFX

Precio público sugerido: $3,600


Boundless CFX VaporizerThe Boundless CFX vaporizer is a sleek portable that offers rapid heating, capable of reaching the selected temperature in 20 seconds or less. It features a full HD digital display screen. This gives you a wide range of temps from 100°F-430°F so you can achieve the optimal eff..

Boundless Tera v3

Precio público sugerido: $4,290


The Boundless Tera Vaporizer is the latest addition to the Boundless line of advanced portable dry herb vaporizers. This is one of the few portable vaporizers to offer both precision temperature control and convection heating, delivering exceptionally smooth and potent clouds tailored to your liking..

Mostrando 1 a 16 de 89 (6 Paginas)