En nuestra Colección Original de GRAV Labs te traemos el catálogo original de esta famosísima marca. Somos distribuidores autorizados en México de Grav Labs: pipas de agua (bongs), pipas de mano, bubblers, accesorios con la marca, artículos promocionales oficiales, Todo! 

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GRAV 3-Piece Grinder

Grinder de 3 piezas

GRAV 3-Piece GrinderThe GRAV® Grinder is 1.25" tall and made on CNC aluminum. The 15 teeth and holes in its upper chamber are well-spaced to prevent clogging. Its bottom chamber features a GRAV® branded aluminum scraping tool. The edge of the tool is curved to perfectly fit the interior curve of the..

GRAV Ellipse Ashtray

Cenicero de vidrio Grav Labs

GRAV Ellipse AshtrayThe humble ashtray may have a simple purpose, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a work of art. From the side, this designer ashtray appears clear. But from the top down, the mirror backing creates an iridescent effect of shimmering blues, pinks, purples, and yellows.The large gro..

GRAV Empress Water Pipe

Bong de 33cm

GRAV Empress Water PipeStately and statuesque, the Empress is one classy lady. Standing tall at nearly 13”, this noble water pipe rests on a 6” wide base and features a custom-designed 8-cut perc for a smooth pull. She’ll be the crown jewel of the collection, majestic among the miscellany. But don’t..

GRAV Frit Chillum

Pipa de vidrio tipo Chillum

GRAV Frit ChillumThe 3" GRAV® Frit Chillum is a pretty and petite way to smoke on the go. It features an eye-catching array of frit glass as well as our signature inverted ash catching mouthpiece. Plus the Frit Chillum is now available in your choice of vibrant color. This piece offers beautiful GRA..

GRAV Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

Bong tipo bubbler de 12cm

GRAV Hourglass Pocket BubblerTime keeps on slippin’, slippin, slippin’...into this adorable hourglass pocket bubbler. Although it’s small, the tapered middle is easy to grip. A long 3.25” stem prevents any splashback, and keeps your mouth fresh and clean. This mini bubbler fills with smoke quic..

GRAV Satin Bomber Jacket

Disponible en XCH, CH, M, L y XL

GRAV Satin Bomber JacketSmooth as silk and tough as nails, the new GRAV Satin Bomber Jacket is like nothing we’ve released before. At first glance, this two-tone jacket keeps it simple with a classic GRAV chest patch. But the back rocks an embroidered tiger-and-ViewMaster motif from our “Find Your H..

GRAV Wave Bubbler

Bong tipo bubbler de 16.5cm

GRAV Wave BubblerThe sea may be a harsh mistress, but this is one wave you’ll want to ride. Designed with a small profile to fit comfortably in your hand, this portable bubbler acts more like a water pipe that really chugs. Enjoy the ripples and let ‘er rip.Stands 6.5 tall14mm female joint14mm..

GRAV Wedge Bubbler

Bong tipo bubbler de 12.7cm

GRAV Wedge BubblerGet a grip (on the new GRAV Wedge Bubbler.) Small and portable, this piece has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and hard to drop. Engineered to need minimal water, the Wedge provides a smooth, clean pull in a tidy little package.Stands 5" tall14mm female jointCom..

GRAV® 12mm Taster Display W/ 100 3" GRAV® T...

Exhibidor con 100 piezas

100pc GRAV® 12mm Taster w/Display - WhiteAn official taster display, featuring an acrylic stand that angles out towards customers for an inviting POP add-on option. Comes with the display and 100 12mm tasters.-----Display oficial para 100 tasters de vidrio, de 12mm, marca Grav LabsDisplay de soporte..

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